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Seven Marlin Sunday

Hi Fishing Gang,

Last Sunday saw some of the best marlin bites the Abrolhos has seen in a long while. Those that were lucky enough to be out there witnessed some great action. (my timing to be in Perth that weekend was impeccably bad!!).

Pete Berryman on Balek again ventured out to find a lot of Algae bloom but also warmer and clean blue water in between. He had a pretty fishy crew this week, with Steve Corriea (The Water), Tim (Biggles) Carter from Halco, Matty Williams from Getaway Outdoors, Tim Farnell and Kim the camera man.

 Besides some great marlin action they had red hot light tackle action on their Halcos down south catching “everything”, did some jigging and also snorkelled the Batavia wreck over 3 days!

 Sounds a bloody great trip to me!

Now the Marlin!---- Starting late (around 2.30pm) after a hot session at Wreck Point Pete wandered out wide  and was soon getting bites!

With experienced Safari 11 skipper “Biggles” at the helm, Pete had a chance in the chair and after a couple of shots he was soon hooked up tight with that ratchet screaming a beautiful tune! After the usual “Blue Marlin” antics keeping the boys honest and sharp they managed the 180kg “plus” blue to the side of the boat where energetic Biggles flew down from the fly bridge to wire in and release the big girl. The hook as you can see by the photo lodged on top of the head /bill area so a great job keeping her tight by the crew.

 A great start then followed a few more bites and hook ups to have yet another blue hang on shortly after with Steve getting his first taste of “Abrolhos Blue” to the boat!

Some great under water footage should be put together and will soon be seen on “You Tube” I am sure on Steve Corriea’s “The Water”.

Keep an eye out for it. Both of Baleks fish were caught on a Richter prototype lure. I am sure Mark will be making more of these shortly! Balek had 6 strikes, 4 hook ups and 2 captured marlin in 3 hours fishing! You’d take that any day!

 Pete wasn’t the only one it seems catching Marlin. One report of 2 trailer boats between them caught 3 marlin on the same day. Daniel Mandosio and Dion Watson were amongst the anglers. Also another report from Peters “Getaway Outdoors” shop was another trailer boat also scored 2 marlin plus a wahoo.

They also scored a lot of bites between them so clearly a red hot day for Bills at the Abrolhos.

 Ray Charsley who caught his first marlin last week on Balek went out in his small 16 ft boat and caught a 25 kg Sailfish out the front of Geraldton on a gardie so a great finish to some hot game fishing for the week.

 It’s probably a good time to plug the “Halco Lures Abrolhos Game fishing Tournament”

Coming up April 13th- 19th. You would be crazy to let it pass up while the fishing is as good as this! Contact me if you want any details and I will put you in touch with Randal Brehaut or Sean Robson. Boat numbers are already looking as good as the record days of 10 -12 years ago so a great sign that people are getting back to some great tournament fishing and fun again!

I have also seen some of the prizes offered for this years Tournament and they are looking as good as we have ever had!

 Meanwhile I look forward to reporting on “The Marlin Cup” from Jurien Bay in two weekends time.

 Cheers and Salty Ears,


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